Aquarium – JustNile Decorative Glass Aquarium Fish Bowls

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This fish bowl includes a vintage and creative plan of a man situated on a tree trunk, holding a fishing rod post with a fish toward one side that is suspended in the tank.


The man, the post and the ring at the highest point of the bowl can all be isolated from the structure and reassembled when required. The fish bowl is made of glass and the outline around it is made of polyresin material. This Aquarium would be an extraordinary show-stopper in any room – be it your home, office, eatery, store, or whatever other space. It would likewise be a breathtaking housewarming blessing.

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  • The entire structure measures 8.7″ X 7.1″ X 4.7″
  • Made of glass and polyresin
  • A great display piece for study desks, coffee tables or even the bookshelves
  • Makes a great gift at housewarming get-togethers
  • The man, fishing pole, ring and bowl are all separate pieces and can be assembled when required

The Shedd Aquarium holds water and you may put fish in it


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